zTutorial – Global Tutorial

General Type Examples

For an example of pre-styled text types available in your site, see below:

This is an H1(Heading 1)

This is an H2(Heading 2)

This is an H3(Heading 3)

This is an H4(Heading 4)

This is a paragraph.  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis quis ultrices turpis. Mauris pharetra odio at mi sagittis tempus. Aliquam id blandit diam. Phasellus sed dui in orci mollis luctus a at arcu. Etiam sed venenatis nibh. Donec in mauris nec magna interdum imperdiet. Sed tincidunt neque nec aliquet dapibus. Suspendisse urna elit, pretium sit amet malesuada ac, sollicitudin eu ex. Suspendisse id eros ipsum.


Custom Project Posts

Instructions on creating a Custom Project Post can be found here.

Pages –

Default Template:

The default template is a “text only” template, requiring that only that the WYSYWIG section of the page be filled out. To get started:

1)Insert a brief title for your page in the very first text input.  This will become part of the URL for your page, as well as being displayed as heading above any content on your page.

2)Include a background for your page by finding the “Page Background” field just below the text editor.  If the page does not yet have an image listed here, click the “Insert Image” button, and select an image from your Media Library.  If the image is not yet exist in your uploads folder, you may add it by clicking the “Upload” tab of the Media Library modal window.

3)Be sure to click Save as Draft, Publish, or Update before navigating away from your page, or changes will be lost.

“Homepage-Fullwidth” Template:

An example of a test version of the “Homepage-Fullwidth” Template can be found here.

The “Homepage-Fullwidth” template is made up entirely of fields that allow you to fully customize this page.  An explanation of each field in order of appearance

Top Panel Background (One through Three)
This field allows you to edit the background of the “Home” or top panel of your homepage.  To change these images, find this field in the editor and select(click) the image currently in this field.  Once selected, click the “X” to remove the current image.  Once removed, click “Add Image”, and either choose an image from your Media Library, or upload a new image.  These fields must be filled in, and the initial size of images used here must be no less than 1800px.
Top Panel Greeting
This field represents the text in the white overlay box in the top panel of the homepage.  To edit, simply edit the text in this field.
Top Panel Greeting Motivational Word (One through Three)
These fields will populate the final word of the top panel greeting, and will animate in a “typing” fashion.  When coming up with text for these fields, think of words that dig deeper into what Edward Tucker Architects is about.  All three fields must be filled out.
Top Panel Callout
This is the text in the interactive “flyout” that appears when a user hovers over the Top Panel Greeting.  To edit simply, edit the text in this field.
Additional Homepage Panels
This block of fields allows the creation/editing of panels between the top and bottom panels.  The current design allows for two additional panels, each with their own callout sections and call-to-action links.

-Panel Background
Much like the Top Panel Background above, this field allows you to edit the background image of each additional panel.
Callout text
This is personal statement about the company used to generate user interest.   To edit simply, edit the text in this field.
CTA Link Text
The call-to-action is intended to drive users deeper into the site, and should be action oriented in language.   To edit simply, edit the text in this field.
CTA link
This field is the destination in the site that you would like the user to visit once the call to action is clicked.  Text in this field should always be in URL format, beginning with http://.   To edit simply, edit the text in this field.

Principles Section Callout
Text here should be a personal message about your staff/principles.   To edit simply, edit the text in this field.
Staff List
This group of fields will complement the information included in the Principles Section Callout.  Here you will be able to list the images, names, titles, and bio page link of several key members of your firm.  If you are attempting to add a new staff member to this list, start by clicking the “Add Staff” button to add fields.

Click “Add Image” for the staff/principle member that you would like to include in this list, and choose from images already in your Media Library, or upload a new image via the popup window.  To choose a new image, simply select (click) the pre-existing image and click the “X” that appears to the right of the image.  Once deleted, click “Add Image” to select a new image.
Type or edit the information in this field to reflect the name of the individual you are trying to display.

Include the person’s title
Include a link to this person’s bio in the site.  This must be in URL format, beginning with http://.

Bottom Panel Background
Choose or edit the background image for the bottom (final) section of the homepage by either clicking “Add Image” to choose or upload an image from the Medial Library, or clicking the pre-existing image to delete and choosing a new image.
Bottom Panel Title
This is a text field, and should be a personal statement corresponding to the industry specific organizations that Edward Tucker is apart of.
Bottom Panel Links
This section will make up the horizontal list of organizations in the final panel of the homepage

Include or edit an image from your Media Library that corresponds with one of the organizations in which you are a member
Type the website address for the organization corresponding to the image just chosen.  This should be in URL format beginning with http://.

“Grid Page” Template

The “Grid Page” template is designed to emulate the functionality of the “Projects” landing page.  Currently two versions exist, one for People, another for the Studio page. To get started:

1) If you are creating an entry for a new staff member or studio entry, click “Add Row”
2) Image – Add an image for this person by clicking “Add Image” and selecting a current image from your Media Library, or uploading a new image.  To edit, select the current image, press the “X”, and click “Add Image”.
3)Label – Add a label for this person or studio.  For “People” additions, this should be a combination of the person’s name, their distinctions, and their role in the company.  For Studio additions, use a personal statement about the company.  For example content, the Studio or People pages can be used.
4) Link – Add a link for the content appropriate to the type of page you are working on.  Links for people should go to the person’s bio page, a link for Studio-type additions will vary.
5)External Link – By clicking this checkbox, you are determining whether the link created in step 4) will link internally (in your site) or to an external page in another site.  External links should be used for any link that directs the user to an offsite page.

Be sure to click “Save As Draft”, “Publish”, or “Update” before navigating away from your page, or your changes will be lost.

An example of a test version of the “Grid Page” Template can be found here.

“People Page – Individual” Template

This page is designed to function as a bio page for staff members that you choose to list on your site.  To get started:

1)Enter the name for the person whose bio you are trying to create.  This will be included above the bio text, and is required.
2)Enter the person’s bio in the WYSYWYG text area just below the title.
3)Background Images – This page requires at least 1 image, as this will populate the background image of this page.  If this is a new page, click “Add Row” to get started.  Then, click “Add Image” to choose an image from your Media Library.  To create additional panels, continue to click “Add Row”, and choosing images from your Media Library until you have reached the desired number of additional panels.

An example of a test version of the “People Page – Individual” Template can be found here.

“Studio Page – Individual” Template

This page works exactly the same as the “People Page – Template”.  To get started, follow the directions included in that section.

An example of a test version of the “Studio Page – Individual” Template can be found here.