At Edward Tucker Architects, we thrive on creativity, mutual trust and shared ideas. This approach has translated into lasting relationships and timeless design.


We have significant experience in the fields of building renovation and adaptive reuse.

We have proven ourselves in the industry through unparalleled client satisfaction.  We complete projects through detailed analysis and carefully crafted designs that bring buildings back to life.
We also thrive on opportunities to design new buildings, carefully considering the building site, materials, and systems in order to produce vibrant and long-lasting structures.

We custom-build a design team for every project.

We craft the team of consultants for each project based on the type, scale and level of complexity. Once the design team is selected, we implement the principles of integrated design, crafting a sustainable design solution based on client goals, the overall design vision and the project budget. We work as a team to develop the design through charrettes, energy modeling, and stakeholder input. We incorporate both low-tech and innovative technology approaches to address issues like lighting, acoustics, energy performance and occupant comfort. Every element of the building is considered during this process. With a proven network of consulting engineers at our fingertips, our architects have the ability to coalesce a design solution that solves challenging programmatic and functional demands.  Whether it’s a laboratory research facility or a surgery center, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done.

We understand how things get built.

Over the past 20 years of practice we have developed extensive construction cost data which inform our planning process for projects. We draw on these data to develop detailed cost opinions which guide the design process, whether the project is a renovation or new construction. We guide clients through the often-intimidating process of designing and building a project. You never have to make a decision without the benefit of our guidance and experience, whenever it’s needed.

We offer a comprehensive list of services, from feasibility studies to interior design.

Feasibility & planning: existing building and site evaluation, programming, project budget development
Master planning services: institutions, industry, multi-family housing, new developments
Architecture: new construction, adaptive reuse, historic preservation, sustainable design
Interiors: space planning, wayfinding, finishes, furnishings and equipment
Construction: contract administration, construction management