We believe that innovation is the key to progress. In the right hands, well-designed buildings have the power to change lives.

Buildings are a major part of our lives.  They impact our day-to-day experiences and reflect the vision of our communities.  We believe buildings should bring joy to everyone who sees them. We believe they should offer comfort to their occupants, function beautifully, be cost efficient to operate, and endure as a source of pride for years to come. In the spirit of practicing what we preach, we renovated an existing building to house our studio, creating an exciting, interactive space that fosters creativity and gives us the potential for growth.

Sustainability is fundamental to the way we design, and the way we run our studio.

From riding bikes to work to carefully considering the environmental impact of the structures we design, we believe in preserving our environmental resources for generations to come.  We believe that every project, no matter how big or small, deserves thoughtful consideration to balance efficiency, comfort and budget. 

Local community is at the heart of our investments.

We believe architects bring a unique skill set to community service, and we apply those skills through our work on many community design initiatives, boards and civic offices. By supporting local arts organizations, educational initiatives, and parks and recreation facilities, we hope to contribute to the continued growth of our area by promoting things that enhance our collective cultural experience and quality of life.  Learn more about our staff’s community involvement here.